our mission

While we work as a global leader in client acquisition and outsourced marketing, our passion lies with helping individuals attain their dreams of becoming successful professionals. We are looking for individuals with above average attitudes for an above average opportunity!

Establishing partnerships that utilize our decade of experience and knowledge is our first priority at Persevere Inc., where we treat our team of representatives as valued family members. It is only through integrity, honesty and unfettered encouragement that we can expect each individual to achieve our high standards of success; and therefore expect it of ourselves. We are dedicated to coaching and coach training that inspires and guides motivated and passionate individuals. We do this this through personal engagement and authentic business principles. Our employees are our most important assets; we will develop the highest quality workforce in our industry. We seek to engage each employee in the continuous improvement of our business by recognizing their success and by rewarding them with increased responsibility and authority. We have dual core competencies: product knowledge and marketing.

our vision

Be Educators

The best mentorship in the industry

Be Receptive

Open to ideas for positive change in the business

Be Connected

Total collaboration within Persevere Inc. and with the marketplace

our values

  • Conduct business with integrity & fairness
  • Continuously train our employees
  • Improve our processes
  • Promote entrepreneurial freedom
  • Provide equality of opportunity
  • Reward employees on merit & promote teamwork
  • Maintain safe & healthy working environment
  • Superior customer service